Saturday, May 10, 2014

Gearing Up Again

Well in 34 hours I will again be headed out to Utah to do more field work for my dissertation. This spring has been even busier than last, with more intense classes, tons of final projects, and trying to cram in a field recon trip last week with Mark. Matter of fact this spring has flown by so fast! I am definitely going to miss my family here in Golden, I know that the new addition to our family Mika will grow up so much in the next month and I am sad to not be around for it. But this should be the last major excursion into the field for me, after this it will either be field trips to my field areas or batting clean up on the outcrops for my dissertation towards the bitter end.

May always seems to bring excitement, sadness, and seems to always be the month of change for me for the past decade or so. So many beginnings and ends have happened in May over the past year it kind of blows me away how my life seems to be on this schedule of changing every 12 months. This summer will be a lot of fun, spending time at home, in the field, and enjoying life with my beautiful wife! I am very excited for the busy time between semesters, but it will be a great time to unplug, escape, and recharge my mind and body. Although walking up and down outcrops does take a bit of a toll on the knees, ankles and back! I love it out in the middle of nowhere, being lost in my own thoughts, the simplicity of knowing that everything you need to sustain yourself is in your backpack. It is always a brutal transition coming from our overly padded life here in the big city, going out to a place where everything is trying to constantly kill you or hurt you. But, I embrace the challenge and enjoy the fact that it lets me know I am alive! So I will be out of here for the next month, but will try to pop in and post an update when I have internet at some point! Enjoy the month of change!

Here are some photos from the last month and the travels near and far

Field Recon in Utah

Bringing home our new pup Mika!

 Happy puppies

 Earth day at CU

Testing out some new gear and getting my WFA certification for field work

 Sarah's 30th Birthday party

The godsons enjoying some balloons

 Sarah and the awesome Stewart Family                               Sarah, Rosie, and Adam, the soon to be family

 Party time!

 Mika is growing up fast

 Gearing up for the field with food and water
 55 gallons of water in store for this year, upcycling at its finest!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

What I've been up to lately

It has been really busy around here lately, with the end of the semester always seems to bring chaos in the form of final projects, homework, and exams. Mix in the fact that I am preparing for 50 days in the field at the start of May, and you can see why blog posts have been few and far between. Nonetheless, we have been having some fun around our house with our new little puppy Mika that we adopted for Sarah's birthday from the Foothills Animal Shelter right here in Golden. She has been a lot of fun to have around the house and I know that Dakota has been enjoying having a little mini-me to run around the house with.

Outside of school and Mika keeping us busy, we went to a fantastic little slice of Las Vegas right here in Golden on Friday night. We saw Gladius the show at the JeffCo county fairgrounds which was an experience to say the least! It was 90 minutes of pure entertainment with people doing backflips on horses, chariot racing, vaulting, and some amazing acrobatics and fire routines! I can't believe that we are so spoiled to have such a great show right here in our back yard for a month before they head out on the road. If they come through your neck of the woods definitely check it out!

 We also spent a fun evening at Sarah's work painting on a double date with some great friends Sean and Leslie. It was a blast painting the Denver (Golden) skyline and the mountains while having a good time with friends.

I have also been volunteering at Dinosaur Ridge here in Morrison, it is a great program to get out and educate people on the geologic past of the front range and spread the knowledge to everyone who comes by. I spent Saturday working two sites at the Ridge and met a lot of people that were very interested in the rocks and that had no idea such a fantastic track site and fossil quarry was right there in their back yard. Well that's about all we have been up to here in Golden, hopefully as field season approaches I will manage to get up some more posts before disappearing for the summer!


Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Just ran across this image of some dude with ridiculous VR goggles on talking about some deal some big company is going to make.

it reminded me of something I had seen somewhere else.. but where was it that I saw something so ridiculous?? Oh yes, it was on

Yeah, that was totally where I saw it!!